Sunday, March 4, 2012


It can be argued that numbers never lie.  It can also be argued that numbers don't tell the whole story. But at least they are there.  To be looked over and dissected until a conclusion can be drawn.  To see if progress is being made or if momentum has stalled or even heading backwards.

Athletes are defined by their statistics.  Winning isn't always enough anymore(is it Tim?) and players are reminded after every game if they personally had a good or bad day.  Either by their coaches, fellow teammates, media members who get paid for their opinion, or fans who just can't help but speak their mind.  The praise and scorn that goes along with the statistics may or may not be warranted but its nice to compare a players performance both in the short and long term.

Out in the real world we don't have that.  Almost everyday we are asked "How are you?" or "How have you been?" and as if following a possible one of two scripts we answer the appropriate "good" or "bad" without giving it much thought.  We'd have no one number to use as an answer anyway as people don't simply level up.  But you'd think that as much as people love to keep track of others performance they would at least find some enjoyment in tracking themselves.  Granted its harder to find measurables in an every day routine but they are there to be found.

Not that you asked but...... "Great, over the last two weeks my average shower time has has dropped 15 seconds without any hit to my cleanliness rating."

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