Sunday, February 26, 2012


Figurines, medals, or ribbons earned for excellence are always welcome to those who worked towards them.  But a trophy is only defined by size and color to those who don't own it.  To those who possess it it can mean their world or little more than a random piece of scrap.

What the object represents is the real trophy.  A memory, a moment, an achievement encapsulated in a physical holdable object.  Ranging from a gold man on a pedestal, to new toy or an old love letter, trophies are displayed in finally crafted cases to be seen by all that pass by or in the back of a closet only meant for the eyes of one.

Its an instinctual practice.  Humans without even thinking about it know that their memory will fade and details will become distant.  The urge to hold onto an object. To throw it in the top top drawer or place it in a box in the basement.  That right then and there its important to save an object that decades later will help them remember just a little bit more of a moment they are slowly losing or even lost.  And the illness that strikes when the object is lost forever is like a death to a part of someones life.  As without that object the memory isn't even real.

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