Sunday, February 12, 2012


Avocados are a delicious, low carb, heart healthy, vitamin filled fruit that can even help you lose weight.  But that's not enough for anyone to actually go out and buy them.  Fortunately for our little green friends, that's where Joe Montana comes in.  Winner of four Super Bowls and arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, Joe Montana now leads the drive of avocados to your mouth.  He's been a hired pitch man for avocados for a few years now and it seems that bringing in his winning attitude has really turned the world of Persea americana on its oddly shaped head.  Sales have doubled since 2004 and in 2010 1.32 billion pounds of avocados were sold.  Holy Guacamole!

Its sad that everything and every place has to have an endorsement, sponsorship, and at the very least a commercial behind it.  Not only to remain competitive but just to exist in general.  You can listen to a fascinating interview of any influential person in the world but than feel cheated when you find it was all just to have them awkwardly plug a random product at the end.  Depends on the Spot promises its readers that when they sit down to read a post it won't be a rambling, time wasting read, that ends in a commercial plug.  That's our Denny's Sizzlin' Skillets guarantee.

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