Sunday, January 29, 2012


Confetti is sprinkles for life.  When an already amazing moment in time yearns for that little something extra or doesn't know how to end properly there is always confetti.  Little bits of paper dancing downward from the sky, with an infinite amount of color combinations to choose from, reminds all those who see it that something especially fun is happening.  No confetti exists for sad occasions.

We all get to share in the splendor when we see the confetti fall, but very few of us actually get to say the confetti is for them.  That they've earned the confetti.  That they weren't just a convenient bystander when it started raining colors of pure joy.  No, that honor is reserved for champions of sport, music, politics, and love.  Lifting up a trophy, finishing a power ballad, winning an election, and marrying the person of your dreams just means more when the sky celebrates with you.  So for most of us we better get that love thing right if we really want to know what it feels like to deserve the confetti.

...either that or start bringing confetti to the office.  I hear Gary beat his personal best in sales this quarter.

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