Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dance Like Somone Is Watching

Dancing is the most fluid art there is.  Every move you made, are making, and will make complement each other to form a beautiful timeline of grace, elegance, energy, and attitude.  It springs to life out of nowhere and ends just as suddenly.  Sometimes before its time....and in other times not soon enough.

Dancing is hard.

Its one of the few human skills that bring about praise or judgment from total strangers.  And people love to judge people dancing.  The incredibly popular family of dancing competition television shows is just a small example of that.  Most of the judging doesn't take place on TV.  It takes place in dance clubs, small bars, or wedding receptions.  And unlike in sports, the audience of strangers won't clap if you do good, or jeer if you do bad.  They just stare and smile, because it doesn't matter if you're good or bad; its entertainment to them.

Most know the judgments exist, but they either have enough self confidence or liquid courage not to care and race to the dance floor to have fun.  Those who stay behind because of the fear of being judged then seamlessly turn into the judgees.

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