Sunday, January 8, 2012

Depends On the Spot

"It's close.  It's really close.  It all depends on the spot."

A phrase so obvious and simple its strikes a pained emotion into every football fan.  Either Team A reached their goal of a first down and thus receives permission to continue their quest for glory or they must admit defeat and grant Team B the same opportunity they just failed.

"It all depends on the spot."

6,000 pounds of human beings on a field trying to force a one pound, oddly shaped, inflated piece of leather in the direction of their choice.  They have four chances to go 10 yards.  Their livelihoods depend on it.  Their future depends on it.  In this case they've only made it 9 yards....or is that 10?

"It all depends on the spot."

Sounds of collisions fill the stadium.  One of the fastest men on earth is forced to the ground.  He stretches for every inch.  The play ends. 50 feet away the smallest man on the field watches.  He dresses like he wants to stand out by stealing the markings of a zebra,an animal who wants to do anything but standout.  He slowly runs, not jogs, out on to the field with his arm raised; Summoning the attention of millions.  When he reaches his destination he stands stoically with his arm in the air. Right or wrong he believes in what he's seen and where he currently stands.  He's spotted the ball.  He has the authority to do so.

"It all depends on the spot."

STOP BEING SO DRAMATIC!! We KNOW!  We know it all depends on the spot!  Thank you for telling us what we already know. No one is watching this game and doesn't know the rules of football.  If you have the gene that causes you to have an interest in football you were also born to instinctually know the rules.  Its a scientific fact.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Its just that its really important that I know where my team stands right now. Were my team's past decisions correct?  What will our next play be?  Will I be happy or sad with the outcome? Is this post just some long drawn out analogy towards life that justifies the name of the blog?  What will I write about next?

......depends on the spot.

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